Steven Goldberg: Logical Analysis of Social Questions

In addition to Why Men Rule and other books the following are by Steven Goldberg.

When Wish Replaces Thought
Part 1: Why We Behave As We Do


Does The Death Penalty Deter?

What Does “Cause” Mean? The Question of Homosexuality.

The Theory of Patriarchy: Why Do Males Rule?

Black Athletic Superiority: Why Are Blacks Better Athletes?

What Good Are the SAT’s.?

Part 2: Why We View The World As We DO

Are Stereotypes True?

Is Astrology Science?

Is There A Feminist Science?

Is Freudian Theory Science?

Is There A Correct Use of Language?

When Logic and Science Are Not Enough: The Question of Abortion

Sociology: Uncommon Sense, Common Sense, or Nonsense?



Fads and Fallacies in The Social Sciences
Part 1: The Erosion of The Social Sciences

Group Differences and The Fallacies of Pure Environmentalism

Some Things You’d Rather Not Know about the SAT’s and IQ Tests

Does The Death Penalty Deter? Further Thoughts

Is The Death Penalty Discriminatory?

Black Murder

Part 2: Ideology in Contemporary Theories of Family and Sexuality

The Masculinization of The World: The Logic of Patriarchy

 Are Males Better at Mathematical Reasoning ?

 Homosexuality: Questions of Logic and Social Policy

 Why There’s No Point in Arguing about Abortion

Athletics and Sexual Equality

Part 3: Fallacy at The Dinner Table: Confusion in Discussion of Everyday Matters

Why It’s
Still OK to Believe That O.J. Did It; A Criminological Paradox

Anatomy of A Misconception: The Super Bowl and The Stock Market

What’s in A Name?

Part 4: A Polemic
So There. Reasons Why The Coup Failed

Part 5: A Hero and A Troubadour
Jackie Robinson

Bob Dylan and The Poetry of Salvation: The Four Great Albums

Part 6: Values
Home: America and The Nature of Human Society

Part 7:  Steven Goldberg: The Most Controversial Professor in America

Written by William Helmreich