Steven Goldberg: Logical Analysis of Social Questions

Steven Goldberg

Logical Analysis of Social Questions

Steven Goldberg:

Professor Emeritus, City College, City University of New York


Why Men Rule, 1993, (Updated edition of The Inevitability of Patriarchy, 1973)

When Wish Replaces Thought (1991)

Fads and Fallacies in The Social Sciences (2003)

Mathematical Elegance (2015) A fun book

Solved the historic “pickpocket ‘paradox’” of the death penalty debate.

(Ethics, 1974, October. Updated in Today’s Moral Problems (New York, Macmillan, 1979).


“In arguments about gender, race, equality, and the rest of the hot-button issues, almost everyone shouts and hardly anyone listens. In this invaluable book, Steven Goldberg gives us ways to parse the arguments, evaluate the evidence, and not to conflate what we want to believe with what the best estimate of the truth seems to be. This (Fads and Fallacies in The Social Sciences) is the first book in social sciences I have recommended in eighteen years.”

Charles Murray

Charles Murray is the author of The Bell Curve; Coming Apart, and Losing Ground.


Catherine Hakim, Senior Research Fellow at The London School of Economics writes: “Goldberg's theory of male dominance and patriarchy is unassailable . His book (Why Men Rule) is the first of the three most important competing  theories. (The other two are those of Heidi  Hartmann and Nobel Laureate, Gary Becker).”

(From a Review of Catherine Hakim’s Female Heterogeneity and the Polarization of Women’s Employment.)


"Goldberg is one of the most brilliant statisticians of the first kind (explication of data collection) that I have ever come across (From a review of When Wish Replaces Thought and Fads and Fallacies in The Social Sciences)."

William M. Briggs Mathematical Statistics Ph. D.  Host Statistics web site


"Goldberg has emerged as a leading sociological logician...The spirit of the great masters of sociological theory is in him."

Lewis Feuer, Author of Einstein and The Generations of Science


His work has been published in Psychiatry, Yale Review, National Review, Saturday Review, Chronicles, American Anthropologist, Society, American Journal of Recreational Mathematics, American Journal of Physics, International Journal of Sociology, Measure, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy and many other scientific and academic journals


Who's Who in America

Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.

Chairman, Department of Sociology/City College/City University of New York for twenty years.